Retargeting – Redefine, Reconnect, and Revolutionize

Did you know that almost 98% of visitors to your site leave before completing a transaction? Some might have experienced internet connectivity issues; some may have had a failed credit card transaction, while some, may simply have been interrupted or distracted. What is the likelihood that this section of ‘potential’ customers reconnects with you on re-viewing your ad? You guessed it – Very Row. Because it is low Venzimedia helps you reconnect with those views through retargeting.

How does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is a simple process which involves keeping track of your site visitors through the insertion of a small snippet of code on your web pages. This code acts as a reservoir and makes a list of all the people who visit your site. Our Ad platform then displays relevant ads to these customers on the list, as they visit other sites. Since, our Ad platform has one of the largest inventory of publisher websites, from leading content sites and search sites, finding your potential customers again is as easy as apple pie. Retargeting increases your brand’s recall value and subsequently experiences high click-through rates and ROI.

Our advantage

Only retargeting is never enough. Using it intelligently is key! Venzimedia is an ad network that is specialist in retargeting. It is designed to catapult small and medium business into the big league of Fortune 500 companies. We understand exactly what your company needs because of our years of expertise in working with not only SMBs but large national brands as well.

Our platform serves a wide range of demographics through a vast inventory of top performing websites in every category. In addition, it offers real time metrics, comprehensive visitor behavior info and easy campaign optimization to put you in the driver’s seat of your advertising campaign.

With Venzimedia, start optimizing your brand value!

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