Infographic: Social Media Revolutionize the Way Organizations Conduct Business

“The Internet”, a juggernaut that has changed the way we think, we search and even the way we socialize. Almost all Fortune 500 companies have found the use of all forms of social media-Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more. They are harnessing the power of social media. So, why aren’t you to be the same as them?

A new way of conducting business

Social media have transformed the way organizations conduct business now. A simple status update or someone hitting the like button can create a cascading effect turning into a viral marketing. Be Easy, No Limit, and Be More Social are the three biggest features of social media. In social media, all-size corporations participate for free. They share their products, services, and related information with audience, engage their customers without the limit of time and space, explore the potential market through setting relationship with other participants, and obtain valuable resource and information from the interaction with other companies.

The role of social media

The role social media play is in helping businesses reach their customers and build brand loyalty. Social retargeting harnesses the power of the “web” by leveraging the cornucopia of user connections.  Social retargeting lets you connect with those specific users that fit your exact customer profile and are amenable to associating with your brand. It is a simple process involving an identification of cluster behaviors and building custom ad campaigns based on their predictable behavior.

In addition, social media give you the power to limit your impressions and reach out only to those who are likely to convert, therefore giving you a much higher ROI and an increasingly loyal customer base.

Why VenziMedia?

We help you connect with the audience. We are specialists who works towards helping small businesses manage their social media campaigns and online advertising adeptly and efficiently.  VenziMedia works to create that much needed Buzz, shines a well-deserved spotlight on you, keeps your audience riveted to your products and gives your business the million dollar branding that fortune 500 companies get.

To make sure your audience reaches relevant social media pages, we offer tailor-made design templates for Facebook and other social media sites. Since no business is alike, all our packages are customized keeping in mind, your specific tastes and need. Our design templates are original, inexpensive and high on quality.

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