5 Ways Display Advertising Can Help Credit Unions in 2014

As 2014 is rapidly approaching we have seen the trend of digital marketing grow from industry to industry. In the financial industry many companies have begun using different forms of digital marketing for different reason. Since credit unions are a unique personal style of financial banking, their marketing techniques lend more to traditional marketing but now have branched out to digital marketing. As of late credit unions’ executive leadership have embraced the idea of digital marketing and are adding it to their marketing efforts. Social Media being the quickest and easiest form of online marketing gave most credit unions an idea of how branding and community engagement through online marketing could increase revenue.

Executive leaders are now using the same method of deciding their digital marketing budgets as their print ad budgets. Using the same traditional brick and mortar research like demographics, circulations and costs of marketing for digital marketing, credit unions now understand the ROI of their digital efforts. Social media was the first step but now with analytics of how online advertising methods could produce an ROI, credit unions are using different forms of online advertising to best reach their target market and members. According to Credit Union Times article “5 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2014” rediscovering social media and its return on investment is a core marketing focus for credit unions in 2014. In the New Year credit unions’ who want to reach new members especially millennials, will have to market through social media and online to have success in the ever so changing digital realm.

As digital marketing evolves and people are surfing more and more online for whom to trust with their financial stability, VenziMedia is helping credit unions increase their online presence through display advertising. Across online, social and mobile platforms our display advertising technology can reach any geo-targeted audience with content about what credit unions can do better than a traditional bank. With up to date research and analytics, we are poised to continue to help into credit unions in the New Year reach their digital marketing goals. Our main goal at VenziMedia is making sure each credit union marketing goals are reached through specific campaigns on the proper channels and here are five ways display advertising can help.

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In order to start the New Year off right we are offering a 2 week free trial to show how we can optimize your marketing campaigns. Sign up and run your own display advertising campaign and see how VenziMedia can increase your business revenue through digital media.

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