5 Ways Display Advertising Can Help Credit Unions in 2014

As 2014 is rapidly approaching we have seen the trend of digital marketing grow from industry to industry. In the financial industry many companies have begun using different forms of digital marketing for different reason. Since credit unions are a unique personal style of financial banking, their marketing techniques lend more to traditional marketing but now have branched out to digital marketing. As of late credit unions’ executive leadership have embraced the idea of digital marketing and are adding it to their marketing efforts. Social Media being the quickest and easiest form of online marketing gave most credit unions an idea of how branding and community engagement through online marketing could increase revenue.

Executive leaders are now using the same method of deciding their digital marketing budgets as their print ad budgets. Using the same traditional brick and mortar research like demographics, circulations and costs of marketing for digital marketing, credit unions now understand the ROI of their digital efforts. Social media was the first step but now with analytics of how online advertising methods could produce an ROI, credit unions are using different forms of online advertising to best reach their target market and members. According to Credit Union Times article “5 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2014” rediscovering social media and its return on investment is a core marketing focus for credit unions in 2014. In the New Year credit unions’ who want to reach new members especially millennials, will have to market through social media and online to have success in the ever so changing digital realm.

As digital marketing evolves and people are surfing more and more online for whom to trust with their financial stability, VenziMedia is helping credit unions increase their online presence through display advertising. Across online, social and mobile platforms our display advertising technology can reach any geo-targeted audience with content about what credit unions can do better than a traditional bank. With up to date research and analytics, we are poised to continue to help into credit unions in the New Year reach their digital marketing goals. Our main goal at VenziMedia is making sure each credit union marketing goals are reached through specific campaigns on the proper channels and here are five ways display advertising can help.

5 ways info

In order to start the New Year off right we are offering a 2 week free trial to show how we can optimize your marketing campaigns. Sign up and run your own display advertising campaign and see how VenziMedia can increase your business revenue through digital media.

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VenziMedia at 2013 SF International Auto Show and how the automotive industry is using digital marketing.

Today is the final day of the 56th Annual San Francisco International Auto Show! Here at VenziMedia we provide display advertising for automotive companies providing them with online marketing services such as Retargeting across online, social and mobile channels. Since we have ties with many of these companies we stopped by yesterday to see the new 2014 Model Vehicles.

With many new 2014 models coming out automotive companies rank among the top spenders for online and mobile advertising. According to eMarketer the automotive industry was poised to spend $5.07 billion in 2013 for digital advertising and is expected to rise to 7.80 billion by 2017.
As the Auto industry continues to break the mold with better and faster cars, we at VenziMedia continue to improve our digital technology to increase their marketing efforts. Check below at the pictures of the great cars we saw!

VM CarShow


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VenziMedia 2.0: We’re launching our Self-Serve Dashboard and Website

Stop By and Try Us Out For Free!  The team at VenziMedia has has been working for months on launching a self-serve platform  for our clients to run seamless campaigns across platforms.  With a plethora of advertisers from different backgrounds, we saw a demand from our clients.  We listened and gave our clients what they wanted!  So today we are excited to unveil our  dashboard where you can sign up, set up your campaign and start running ads for your brands.

Today, people are constantly connected from Facebook online, to apps, to reading news on the go.  Stop by our new site and sign up for a free trial and check out our new self-serve ad dashboard.  Run campaigns across online, mobile and social. Don’t wait to start advertising!

Reach your consumer: http//www.venzimedia.com

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Infographic: Social Media Revolutionize the Way Organizations Conduct Business

“The Internet”, a juggernaut that has changed the way we think, we search and even the way we socialize. Almost all Fortune 500 companies have found the use of all forms of social media-Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more. They are harnessing the power of social media. So, why aren’t you to be the same as them?

A new way of conducting business

Social media have transformed the way organizations conduct business now. A simple status update or someone hitting the like button can create a cascading effect turning into a viral marketing. Be Easy, No Limit, and Be More Social are the three biggest features of social media. In social media, all-size corporations participate for free. They share their products, services, and related information with audience, engage their customers without the limit of time and space, explore the potential market through setting relationship with other participants, and obtain valuable resource and information from the interaction with other companies.

The role of social media

The role social media play is in helping businesses reach their customers and build brand loyalty. Social retargeting harnesses the power of the “web” by leveraging the cornucopia of user connections.  Social retargeting lets you connect with those specific users that fit your exact customer profile and are amenable to associating with your brand. It is a simple process involving an identification of cluster behaviors and building custom ad campaigns based on their predictable behavior.

In addition, social media give you the power to limit your impressions and reach out only to those who are likely to convert, therefore giving you a much higher ROI and an increasingly loyal customer base.

Why VenziMedia?

We help you connect with the audience. We are specialists who works towards helping small businesses manage their social media campaigns and online advertising adeptly and efficiently.  VenziMedia works to create that much needed Buzz, shines a well-deserved spotlight on you, keeps your audience riveted to your products and gives your business the million dollar branding that fortune 500 companies get.

To make sure your audience reaches relevant social media pages, we offer tailor-made design templates for Facebook and other social media sites. Since no business is alike, all our packages are customized keeping in mind, your specific tastes and need. Our design templates are original, inexpensive and high on quality.

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Retargeting – Redefine, Reconnect, and Revolutionize

Did you know that almost 98% of visitors to your site leave before completing a transaction? Some might have experienced internet connectivity issues; some may have had a failed credit card transaction, while some, may simply have been interrupted or distracted. What is the likelihood that this section of ‘potential’ customers reconnects with you on re-viewing your ad? You guessed it – Very Row. Because it is low Venzimedia helps you reconnect with those views through retargeting.

How does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is a simple process which involves keeping track of your site visitors through the insertion of a small snippet of code on your web pages. This code acts as a reservoir and makes a list of all the people who visit your site. Our Ad platform then displays relevant ads to these customers on the list, as they visit other sites. Since, our Ad platform has one of the largest inventory of publisher websites, from leading content sites and search sites, finding your potential customers again is as easy as apple pie. Retargeting increases your brand’s recall value and subsequently experiences high click-through rates and ROI.

Our advantage

Only retargeting is never enough. Using it intelligently is key! Venzimedia is an ad network that is specialist in retargeting. It is designed to catapult small and medium business into the big league of Fortune 500 companies. We understand exactly what your company needs because of our years of expertise in working with not only SMBs but large national brands as well.

Our platform serves a wide range of demographics through a vast inventory of top performing websites in every category. In addition, it offers real time metrics, comprehensive visitor behavior info and easy campaign optimization to put you in the driver’s seat of your advertising campaign.

With Venzimedia, start optimizing your brand value!

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